We’re looking for writers interested in joining our game reviews team. These are unpaid positions, so we’re looking for interns who want to get their foot in the door and gain some experience and writing credits, or enthusiasts with a passion for gaming who are willing to write reviews in exchange for free games. You’ll get your own byline, build an online portfolio, and gain entry into the video games journalism field, and your game reviews will appear on major aggregator sites like Metacritic.

We’ll always check in with you before sending you a game code so that you can only take on the games that you have time for and an interest in. Games are supposed to be fun, so no one will be pressured into reviewing a game in a genre that they don’t enjoy. This is a site run by and contributed to by gamers out of a love for games, not a corporate entity out to make a profit, so all work is strictly voluntary. We just ask that you be reliable and self-motivated, so that when you take on a game review you can be trusted to complete it in a reasonable time.

Applicants must be US citizens aged 18 or older, and own at least one video game system or a gaming-capable PC. If you own multiple systems, you’ll have more opportunities to review games. To apply, please send writing samples, a list of systems that you own, and your preferred genres to staff@gamerstemple.com.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!